The Mewing Appliance

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Are you dealing with facial issues?

Poor facial appearance is often the result of bad tongue posture. To counteract this, maintain proper tongue posture by flattening your tongue against the roof of your mouth. This is also known as Mewing – a technique that improves bone structure and results in an attractive face.

How to use the appliance

Facial structure improves from mewing correctly:

Very effective in getting your tongue to automatically rest on the palate.
I have no complaints with this product. It may seem a little stiff at first but eventually it will soften and feel a lot more comfortable.

Owen – September 1, 2020

This device helps me improve my breathing and posture. The large circular design makes it easy to position on the center of the tongue. I already use an OSB device so the Mewing Appliance is an excellent complement.

Jay Chang – August 18, 2020

Does the job exactly as described, makes mewing much easier.

Jeff – July 21, 2020